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Anomaly Detection and Intelligent Notification

October 1, 2017

Echo Messaging Systems is pleased to announce that our paper titled "Anomaly Detection and Intelligent Notification", (aka ADIN 2.0) has been accepted for presentation and publication at the Future of Information and Communication Conference (FICC) 2018, an IEEE-sponsored international conference held in Singapore, in April 2018. Since FTC2016 in San Francisco, we have been invited to submit new research and ongoing findings for our novel approach to using intelligent systems and autonomous agents for software development, where we describe key advantages to reducing overall complexity, while increasing resource allocation using the ADIN 2.0 engine.

Since the start of Echo Messaging Systems in 2007, our commercial applications have been based on intelligent systems,which has provided validation of the viability of this approach. In this paper, we discuss how to apply these same techniques to develop a new AI-based Operating System - AI-OS.

We would like to thank SAI - Science and Information Organization, based in the UK for inviting us, as well as conference sponsors who include IBM Watson, AI X-prize, IEEE, and Brown University Executive Master in Science and Technology Leadership.

A link to the PDF is available HERE.

Infusionsoft - QuickBooks Desktop DataSync
Product Release Announcement

March 21, 2017

Echo Messaging Systems is pleased to announce a new product release to connect Infusionsoft to QuickBooks Desktop. You can sign up for a trial account at here to work with your existing Infusionsoft account and QuickBooks Desktop application. Synchronize Contacts, Products & Financials with QuickBooks Desktop. Simple & Easy as 1,2,3. Connects with all Desktop versions after 2007 with no mapping or activation fees. No difficult or time consuming signup process. Eliminate delays & double entry.

• Sync Infusionsoft Contacts & QuickBooks Desktop Customers
• Sync Changes Infusionsoft Contacts & QuickBooks Desktop Customers
• Sync New Infusionsoft Invoices to QuickBooks Desktop Invoices
• Sync Infusionsoft Payments to QuickBooks Desktop Invoices
• Sync Infusionsoft Partial Payments to QuickBooks Desktop Invoices
• Sync Infusionsoft Completed Payments to QuickBooks Desktop Invoices
• Sync Infusionsoft Refunds to QuickBooks Desktop Credit Memo
• Sync New Infusionsoft Products & QuickBooks Desktop Items both directions

Echo Messaging presents Artificial Intelligence for the Internet of Things at FTC 2016 

December 8, 2016

Co-founders, Gerald Deane and Tammy Fuller of Echo Messaging Systems, recently spoke at FTC 2016, the IEEE Future Technology Conference in San Francisco, to speak on the company's work on Artificial Intelligence systems, by presenting a paper titled "IoT Applications in an Adaptive Intelligent System with Responsive Anomaly Detection".  Echo Messaging has been able to leverage their past experience in AI to provide solutions for the growing 'Internet of Things', turning formerly tedious tasks automatic, using Push Notification and Geofencing. 

Push Notification provides communication channelsto control and interact with millions and even billions of connected devices on the Internet. Geofenced channels communicate with devices based on specific locations using on their GPS position including altitude. 

With solutions made for real people, Echo Messaging continues to deliver exceptional products and advance the field of Artificial Intelligence all at the same time. With 30 years of experience in the field, Echo Messaging has worked not only to advance the science of AI but to find ways to apply it to problems encountered by small and medium size businesses. Rather than trying to teach people how to think like computers, Echo Messaging has been making their programs adaptable and able to respond to human problems.

EchoWare Key Technology Partner

September 7, 2016

Introducing Push EchoWare™ 
from Echo Messaging Systems for IoT

August 8, 2016

Push EchoWare is a suite of web and mobile software components aimed to solve problems in communicating information, commands and media content to mobile and embedded devices, specifically for the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things involves connecting devices to the internet for status, control, communication, upgrades and more. Estimates indicate 13B connected devices by 2020.  IoT devices are any device with Mobile based technology embedded inside, such as mobile tablets, smart phones, next generation kitchen appliances, cars with embedded mobile technology, smart home sensors for security, HVAC, pool, etc, medical/health devices, and more.

Push Echoware allows users to create one and two-way communication channels to single, groups, or many thousands of devices via the Internet. Communication channels can be public, where any Push EchoWare mobile app can subscribe, or private, where subscribers are invited to join.

Geo-Fencing is an option where channels respond with pushed notifications based on the location of Push EchoWare Mobile app devices.  A user or device running the Push EchoWare mobile app, that has subscribed to a geo-fenced channel  will receive location-specific push notifications, only upon crossing into a virtual Geo-Fenced region.

No SIM card Technology is needed for Push EchoWare notifications to be delivered. All push commands are delivered over the Internet and do not require a cell phone data plan, SIM card, or any cell-based phone technology.  Any place where the Internet works means Push EchoWare notifications can be sent.

Based on Artificial Intelligence with an Intelligent System at its heart, Adan™ anomaly detection automatically and continuously monitors for abnormal behavior, and notifies immediately when communication, usage, or responses fall outside normal parameters.

Push EchoWare will be available for trial accounts and will be demonstrated at FTC2016 - Future Technology Conference.

Click to enlarge.

EchoWare Key Technology Partner

July 1, 2016

Technical Paper for International Conference on Internet of Things (IoT) Accepted by FTC2016

June 27, 2016

Congratulations to Echo Messaging Systems, Inc! Your paper "IoT Applications in an Adaptive Intelligent System with Responsive Anomaly Detection" has been accepted for inclusion in the Future Technologies Conference (FTC) 2016, which will be held in San Francisco, United States. Each of the manuscripts for this conference were reviewed by several experts in the field.FTC attracts researchers, scientists and technologists from some of the top companies, universities, research firms and government agencies from around the world. FTC 2016 combines a stimulating technical program with an exciting venue, San Francisco, a city renowned for its steep rolling hills, eclectic mix of architecture, and landmarks including the Golden Gate Bridge and cable cars.

Echo Messaging Systems has been invited to submit two technical papers to describe recent research in Artificial Intelligence to two conferences.

June 7, 2016

Echo Messaging Systems has been invited to submit two technical papers to describe recent research in Artificial Intelligence to two conferences.

A paper titled "IoT (Internet of Things) Applications in an Adaptive  Intelligent System with Responsive Anomaly Detection" has been submitted  to FTC 2016 - Future Technology Conference 2016 being held in San Francisco, December 2016. This paper discusses the future implications of IoT (Internet of Things) applications implemented using Artificial Intelligence via an Intelligent System.

A second paper titled "Self-Adaptive Anomaly Detection in loT Applications in an Intelligent System Framework" has been submitted to the SASO 2016 - 10th IEEE International Conference on Self-Adaptive, Self-Organizing Systems being held at University of Augsburg, Augsburg Germany, September 2016. This paper focuses on how responsive Anomaly Detection is a key component of adaptive automated Intelligent Systems. Echo Messaging Systems won a Best Paper/Poster award during SASO 2015 and this paper describes research and results produced since SASO 2015.

Echo Messaging is taking software built on Artificial Intelligence and using them in IoT (Internet of Things) and Push Notification applications.

May 3, 2016

EchoWare - Adaptive Agents in an Intelligent System. Echo Messaging Systems creates compatible interchangeable agents that accomplish tasks that respond to events, devices, timers, and locations. EchoWare forms the basis for applications that bring systems together for data synchronization, multichannel notification, and automated workflows. Click to read all the details on EchoWare.

Echo Messaging Systems Inc has delivered a Volunteer System to the non-profit organization, Serve Rhode Island.

Jan 29, 2016

Serve Rhode Island transforms the lives of Rhode Islanders by increasing the number of people engaged in volunteer and service activities in their communities. The Volunteer System developed by Echo Messaging Systems, Inc allows Serve Rhode Island  to match volunteers with residents that require services such as snow shoveling.

IEEE conference accepts Artificial Intelligence paper with
"Highly Recommended" reviews.

July 10, 2015

Overall Evaluation: 2 accepted 
Relevance to the conference: 5 excellent 
Standard of writing: 5 excellent
Originality and level of innovation: 4 good 
Motivation of the research: 4 good
Comparison to related work: 4 good 
Significance of results: 4 good
Based on the reviewer comments from main and poster track of the conference the paper is highly recommended as accepted.

Current News Flash

Govenor Raimondo presents Jefferson Award for Public Service

April  14, 2015

WJAR Channel 10 recently notified Echo Messaging Systems Inc with news that we have been selected from the Jefferson Award Winners of Rhode Island to represent the state at the national ceremony in Washington, DC June 17-19th, 2015.

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